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  • Last Wod of the Year

    Yesterday we did Overhead Squats, a fantastic exercise that I had never been exposed to prior to finding CrossFit. ...

  • Wednesday

    Overhead Squat 3-3-3-3 Five rounds for max reps of: 30 seconds of Ring Dips 30 seconds of Rest 30...

  • Tuesday

    Jenna does a great job at the top of the Sumo-Deadlift high pull.  Notice the high finishing position of...

  • Last Week of the Year

    How will you finish out 2009?  Strong?  Or coasting?  How have you changed (physically or otherwise) in 2009.   Time...

  • Merry Christmas

    We'll be closed until Monday morning 9am.  Enjoy the holidays, the sports, and your friends and family.  Merry Christmas!...

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