Getting Started

To get started with CrossFit, you’ll need to schedule a free, 30 minute orientation.   We’ll show you around the gym, find out about your goals, fitness level, and schedule, and share what we do and how we do it.  If you come during class time, you’ll get the opportunity to meet some of our coaches and athletes.

Email with times that work for you to be contacted and schedule an appointment.

Group Coaching

The majority of our athletes participate in our group coaching classes.  These classes are scheduled throughout the day, and are led by our CrossFit coaches who explain, demonstrate, and correct each athlete through each movement and workout.   Every workout can be changed to accommodate a variety of different  fitness levels, mobility restrictions, and injuries past or present.

The energy and friendly competition in a group class cannot be beaten!   In the group classes at Cactus CrossFit,  you will be challenged, supported, and held accountable to your goals.

Private Coaching

While our group coaching is fantastic at meeting the needs of a large and varied population, those athletes with specific goals or who simply want a more personal touch may benefit from private coaching.   An individualized program will result in faster results, and a steeper learning curve, while benefiting from having a professional lead you through the vast array of movements used in our gym.  

Private coaching will be tailored to your specific needs and may include:

  • mobility training (flexibility)
  • strength and conditioning training customized to meet your goals
  • a skill based warmup
  • nutritional guidance
We recommend private coaching for those athletes who are just getting started with an active lifestyle again, or who have significant health or injury limitations, or simply prefer the extra accountability.
Small Group Coaching
While Private Coaching is the best way to get individual results, if it doesn’t fit your budget, Small Group Coaching can be a perfect blend between your pocket book and your goals.
Limited to 3 athletes in a group, small group coaching allows the time for a coach to work with each individual athlete on quality of movement, mobility warmup and cool down, and address lifestyle and nutritional barriers to results and performance.


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