Now Hiring| Director of Member Services

Cactus CrossFit is hiring a Director of Member Services which will be a part time position which we expect will grow to full time.  Evenings during the week, and Saturday mornings to start, with Fridays off.    15 hours a week, starting pay $13/hour plus bonus.

Our Director of Member Services will be directly responsible for all aspects of the Cactus Athlete experience that doesn’t involve coaching.   Must be comfortable communicating with current and prospective athletes through all avenues (electronic, phone, written, and verbal communication).

We are looking for a detail-oriented person who has a need to make things work smoothly and ensure every contingency is covered.  Bonus is based on how many enrollments we get each month.    This is very much an administrative, process-oriented position, with a LOT of contact with our athletes and prospects.

We are a small company and everyone works.  Nothing is beneath you.  Whatever needs to be done, you do.  You enjoy setting up systems and making sure that processes exist for everything we do three times.

Email your resume to and show off your personality in the body of your email.   I am looking for someone who is energized by BOTH people and processes! A tough combination, I know!


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