Don’t Vacation from Fitness

July 23, 2013 - Tuesday

Workout of the Day
Four sets of:
Bench Press x 4-6 reps @ 20X1
Rest 90 seconds
Strict Pull-Ups x Max Reps   (Negatives if they can’t do 3)
Rest 90 seconds

Five rounds for time of:
Hand-Release Push-Ups x 10 reps
Kettlebell Swings x 20 reps (24/16 kg)
200 Meter Run

Go on Vacay, but don’t Vacay from Fitness

by Anonymous Cactus Athlete


Vacay:  Going on Vacation, Getting Away, Taking a Break, Getting away from your daily routine.


Have you been training hard, have you been trying to eat right and get in shape?  If you have, going on Vacay is no reason to stop.  Taking care of yourself does not stop when you go on Vacay, it has to keep going.  It is fun just like Vacay.  Maybe you can’t go to your box, but you certainly can do something.  Do something in your hotel room or cottage, do something outside, in a park, and just do something.  Set a goal for yourself.  What could it be?  A certain number of push ups, a certain number of sit ups and air squats.  Just set a goal and do it.  Guess what, it can be fun.  How fun is it to get back to the box and be exhausted.  Wouldn’t it be great not to have to get back in shape after a week or two off?  Remember fitness is fun, fitness is a life style.  You don’t do it to get in shape and stop. You keep doing it.

How about your diet?  Of course have fun, eat, drink and be merry, but remember it always has a price.  If you are going to continue to do some kind of exercise routine, set a goal for your eating.  Maybe have a few meals or snacks not on your normal paleo diet, but not every meal, not every snack.  Why not keep your paleo snacks close by.  Why have that bag of chips or for that matter 2 or 3 bags of chips.  Don’t do it.  If you can stay disciplined while not on Vacay you can keep it close while on Vacay. Challenge yourself.  Challenge your spouse, your family.  Make it fun.  What can be more fun then staying fit.  Certainly not stuffing yourself like a pig.  That may be some very, very short gratification, but nothing like the gratification you get by staying fit.  How about how great and refreshed you will feel when you get back.

Don’t ever Vacay from Fitness!

Sample Fitness Goal while traveling: 

7 day Vacay.

Goal:  490 push ups, 490 sit ups, 490 air squats

Just do 70 a day of each.  Split them up; 35 in the morning and 35 before bed of each.  This will take very, very little and this added with you moderating your food and all the other fun activities a day you do on Vacay, you will come back refreshed and ready to get back to your daily routine.  Have fun!  Fitness is Fun!

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July 18, 2013 - Thursday

Workout of the Day
Four sets of:
Turkish Get-Ups x 3 reps each arm
Rest 90 seconds
L-Sit Tuck to Extension x 7-10 reps
(extend the legs for 2-5 seconds, pull them in for 2-5 seconds and repeat)
Rest 90 seconds

Every minute, on the minute, for 10 minutes:
Dumbbell Ground to Overhead x 5 reps
Double-Unders x Max Reps
(Score total number of double-unders performed.)

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The Last days of the Low Fat Diet

July 30, 2012 - Monday


Workout of the Day
In eight sets or less, build to a heavy Jerk


For Max Reps:
3 Minutes of Box Jumps (24″/18″)
1 Minute of Rest
3 Minutes of Kettlebell Swings (24/16 kg)
1 Minute of Rest
3 Minutes of Thrusters (115/83 lbs.)

This past December, the Los Angeles Times reported that excess carbohydrates and sugar, not fat, are responsible for America’s obesity and diabetes epidemics. One of the lead researchers in this field, Dr. Frank Hu, professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, said, “The country’s big low-fat message backfired. The overemphasis on reducing fat caused the consumption of carbohydrates and sugar in our diets to soar. That shift may be linked to the biggest health problems in America today.” Another expert, Dr. Walter Willett, chairman of the department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, declared flatly that “Fat is not the problem.”


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Fat doesn’t make us Fat. Inforgraphic fun

February 3, 2012 - Friday

Workout of the Day
Four sets of:
Back Squat x 6-8 reps @ 30X1
Rest 2 minutes
Weighted Pronated-Grip Pull-Ups x 5-7 reps
Rest 2 minutes

“Little Bear”
Three sets of:
Barbell Complex x 5 reps
Rest 2 minutes between sets

The Barbell Complex
Hang Power Clean
Front Squat
Shoulder to Overhead
Back Squat
Shoulder to Overhead

The basics of our nutrition philosophy in infographic form!  Remember, as we get into our Paleo Partner Challenge, that cutting those refined carbohydrates is going to be the fastest way to noticeably body composition changes.   And yes, beer is doing you no favors!

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Magic pills

September 6, 2011 - Tuesday

Gina deadlifts 193 for 3rm

Workout of the Day
Take 15 minutes to build to a heavy Power Clean;
and then,
In 12 minutes, complete as many ladders as possible from 1 to 5 reps of Hang Power Clean, with approximately 75% of your 1-RM Power Clean
(Example – Perform 1 Hang Power Clean, drop the barbell and rest as needed; then perform 2 Hang Power Cleans, drop the bar and rest as needed; then perform 3 Hang Power Cleans, drop the bar and rest as needed; etc…up to 5 Hang Power Cleans, then start again at 1.  If you drop the barbell before you achieve the designated number of reps in that set, you must begin that set over – i.e., if you drop the bar on your fourth attempt of your set of 5, you must begin the set of 5 again from 0.)

The one magic supplement that we like for everyone is fish oil high in omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA).

What are the benefits?  From the Whole9 website:

Fish oil is not a magic bullet, but there are an infinite number of well-documented benefits for a whole host of lifestyle diseases and conditions.  The short answer is that EPA and DHA are specific types of polyunsatured omega-3 fatty acids.  Your body cannot produce these fatty acids – you must get them from the food you eat, or via supplementation.  EPA and DHA are natural anti-inflammatory agents, and as such, play a role in brain health, heart health, protection against cancer, Alzheimer’s and depression, improvement of skin conditions like psoriasis and acne, fetal brain development, inflammatory bowel disorders, and arthritis, to name a few.

Our typical diets are rich in another type of pro-inflammatory polyunsaturated fatty acid called omega-6.  When our dietary intake of omega-6′s far exceeds our intake of omega-3′s, our bodies experience a wide range of negative consequences, all with the underlying cause of increased systemic inflammation.  Minimizing dietary intake of omega-6 fatty acids, and supplementing your intake of omega-3 fatty acids, helps to reduce inflammation, and the wide range of downstream effects.

Q:  What else should I look for in a fish oil brand?

A:  First and most importantly, squeaky clean ingredients.  This means your fish oil should be free of soy (including lecithin), dairy, wheat, rice, sweeteners or other artificial ingredients.  (Visit our Supplement Evaluation Checklist for more information.)

Then, look at the EPA and DHA amounts per serving – that’s far more important than the “total fish oil” amount.  A concentrated source means you have to take fewer pills or teaspoons a day – it’s more efficient, and makes it more likely that you’ll actually take your recommended dose each day.

Finally, decide whether you want a liquid or capsule.  We prefer liquid, because liquid forms are often more concentrated than pills, and don’t have the additional ingredients found in capsules or pills with enteric coating.  (Some find the coating on fish oil pills irritating, even allergenic.)

Q:  What fish oil brands does Whole9 recommend?

A: The brand we take personally is Stronger Faster Healthier’s OmegaMaine.  We’ve tried lots of other brands, and like quite a few (including Carlson’s and Nordic Naturals), but we choose OmegaMaine for three reasons.

-First, the ingredients are squeaky clean – no soy, dairy, wheat, sweeteners or other artificial ingredients.

-Second, it has more EPA and DHA per teaspoon (1.8 grams!) than other high quality brands, and taking in a bunch of fragile PUFAs besides EPA and DHA isn’t a great idea. Prioritize the EPA and DHA, and minimize your PUFA intake in general.

-Third, it comes in five palatable flavors (lemon, tangerine, mint, chocolate and vanilla), and all taste pretty darn good… for fish oil.

*Click the OmegaMaine link above and automatically save 10% on your order.  (Our discount code is “Whole9″.)

Do understand, that this is a supplement, not a replacement for a healthy diet:

We’ve observed folks attempting to use high-dose fish oil as an “offset” for the poor quality food they continue to eat.  Suffice it to say, that is not the way this stuff works. Fish oil is a supplement, designed to provide a helping hand in managing systemic inflammation. It’s not a replacement for making good dietary and lifestyle choices. So we’ve consulted with Robb Wolf to revise the recommendations, and make it outstandingly clear that we recommend you take high-dose fish oil only for a short period of time, and only while you’re making big changes to your diet and lifestyle. Once you’ve done that, you can quickly step down to a maintenance dose that will help you offset your (carefully controlled) omega-6 intake and manage any systemic inflammation that may still be present.

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